August 13, 2020

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Best Biryani in Karachi

Best Biryani in Karachi

Want to eat Biryani? – Best Biryani Restaurants in Karachi

Biryani is one of the favorite dishes in Pakistan, especially in Karachi. There is no doubt that you can’t find the real taste of Biryani outside this megacity. Friday is known to be the official day of Biryani every week, whether you’re in the office, home or even spending your time outside with your friends, family, Biryani is the most vital thing that you’d be keeping with you for the dinner or lunch.
According to the survey, there are more than 3,000 restaurants of best biryani near me in Karachi that range from the low level or high-level restaurant. It is very hard to rank which is the most favorite Biryani spot in Karachi, but we are sorted out the best 5 Biryani Restaurants in Karachi based on our experience and user ratings.

Biryani Centre

Source: Biryani Centre Facebook Page

Biryani Centre’s first time opened in 2001 and continues to constantly provide a huge variety of Biryani dishes, all while maintaining the delicious taste and best quality. Among there must-try dishes are tikka, Mutton, Beef, chicken, and conventional pot-cooked biryani made using natural spices and traditional recipes which lends it a very unique savory taste. Entire the ingredients utilized are of the best quality and hygiene standards are maintained across the entire 4 centers in the Karachi. Plus their diverse buffets and genuine regional food are pretty affordable on the pocket. Do visit this restaurant for real biryani with some exuberant and fancy ambiance.

For Free Home Delivery call at 021-34553111-021-34551857

The White Biryani

Source: The White Biryani Facebook Page

If you want to relish the finest biryani in Karachi, then this restaurant is must try. When you place your order through the internet at this amazing delivery spot, you’ll capable to enjoy some of Karachi’s most well-known dishes like Superb Chicken biryani, creamy and refreshing min and SHAMI Kebab. Then finish your meal with some sweet a bow of Kheer with almonds, sweetened milk, and saffron. The flavor full and spicy taste of seasoned rice, delectable curried sauce and tender chicken ensure that you make a real feast when you’re seeking comfort meal at any time of the day.

The White Biryani. Menu and contact details. Dine in, take away or call for delivery 0333-1300991-4

The White Biryani Menu

Premier Biryani

Source: Premier Biryani Facebook Page

From the indoor setting to home delivery, this well-known casual dining restaurant is known for its amazing biryani variations. One of the most famous places for biryani and other meaty meals for over decades, this restaurant has some of the finest flavors at friendly prices. The Haleem, Special Zarda, Chicken Biryani, SHAMI Kebab are extremely famous here and are relished by most of their regular eaters. Plus the simple and smooth accessibility for any place of the city is an added benefit.

CONTACT NUMBER: 021 34662908,09 AND 34662828

Daily Dubai Restaurant

Source: Daily Dubai Restaurant Dha Facebook

This Daily Dubai Restaurant Chain offers of the finest Middle Eastern as well as Pakistani Cuisine and sire to become a favorite spot with anybody who tries its succulent kebabs, Chicken Biryani, and delicious seafood options. The restaurant serves several types of meals to meet all taste palates and is the ideal spit for fast yet relishing lunch on the go for those times when you do not want to cook at home and feel like ordering some delicious biryani and other dishes online. One of the few restaurants in Karachi to enjoy the culinary delights of the amazing Arabian Peninsula, there’re also regular deals and special offers by the restaurant that you look out for.

Delivery and Takeaway Hours: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Call at: 021 35244019
021 35244018
0301 8260105

Mirchi 360’s Nawabi Biryani

Source : Mirchi 360’s facebook page

This well-known biryani spot is something you just cannot miss when you’re in Karachi. Interestingly, this spot is known for maintaining its best quality and taste all these years as well as scrimptions spicy range rice dishes and biryani will never disappoint you. Their zinger burger, mutton biryani, Malai Boti, green tikka, tikka leg are a must-try.

Mirchi 360 Degrees
Contact Details:
Call us for Home Delivery.
Timings: 12pm to 10pm

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