Top Best Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai

Love Pakistani Delicious food? Known for its succulent flavors and traditional spices, Pakistani takeaways and restaurants never disappoints anybody. Fulfilling your carvings via decadent conventional deserts or mouthwatering meals, it gives a lasting impression on those trying cuisine for the 1st time.

In Dubai, there’s a range of Pakistani eateries that are famous for their luscious flavors as well as traditional cooking methods. Whether you’re Korma or Kebab aficionado lover, these Pakistani restaurants can provide you a good spread of Pakistani foods. Here’re some of the best restaurants in UAE, Dubai where you can go out with your friends or family or both and grab a delicious bite to eat.

Ravi Restaurant

The well-known Ravi is one of the finest Pakistani eateries in Dubai that is favored by both ex-pats and locals. There is no way in the globe that a desi meal eater on a visit to Dubai can miss eating their well-known Chicken Tikka and range of conventional Pakistani Deserts. Not just is their food excellent but the servings are also amazing, so ensure you go there. Named among the finest Pakistani Restaurant in Dubai, this restaurant will definitively provide you a satisfactory culinary experience. You’d try Mutton Peshwari, Chicken KARHAI and brain NIHARI there.

Hot n’ Spicy

Hot n Spicy is one of the top Restaurant located at Barsha Heights and JLT Dubai. Hot n Spicy serves Pakistani, Indian, North Indian, Biryani cuisine. Hot n Spicy ...

Kebab lovers should definitely visit this place since it is the finest BBQ option in Dubai. From Scrumptious Kebabs and Tikka to delicious MALAI BOTI rolls and SAVOURY, they offer some spicy meal which is ideal for the conventional Pakistani taste buds. You should check out paneer tikka masala, BBQ Chicken Biryani and Vegetable KADHAI there.

Little Lahore

Little Lahore, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai The Little Lahore menu is available online Little Lahore delivery in Dubai, Abu Dhabi

If you are craving for a conventional Pakistani Breakfast in the early morning. Little Lahore is your finest bet. Well-known for its breakfast menu of Desi ACHARI ALOO BHAJI and Lahori Chana to their mouthwatering NIHARI and MUTTON PAYA, Little Lahore restaurant is latterly a little piece of Lahore City in Dubai.
Not just limited to a breakfast menu, this place also has a stunning dinner and lunch range. Their full-day menu features bread-like Makai Roti and LACCHA Parathas and BBQ and Gravy options such as Special MIRCHI Curry, SARSON KA SAAG or Mutton SEEKH kebab. If you love Biryani you will be happy to know they’ve that on the menu list as well. Do not forget to pair the meals with Restaurant’s signature Riata, Chutneys and their special Salad.

Al Ibrahimi

You can not have a better tandoori platter that Al Ibrahimi. The quality is great, quantity generous and price pocket friendly Non Veg Corner: Chicken Mandi, Mutton Biryani, Mutton Karahi, Chef Special Chicken, Beef Nihari, Tawa Special Taka Tak, Chinese Chicken and Prawn

If you wish to surprise your buddies with an amazing feast. Al IBRAHIM is the place to go. It’s one of the finest Pakistani food places in Dubai that sever a huge range of desi Cuisines from DAAL to BBQ, deserts to veggies to conclude your meal. Though, the best part is their complete you can eat buffet that allows you to enjoy eating all your favorite meals. Enjoy ACHARI Chicken KARAHI, Fish Tikka and SUJI KA HALWA there.


LalQila Dubai - Jumeira, 20328 Dubai, United Arab Emirates Lal Qila City, Lal Qila Al Barsha, Dubai, Lal Qila Restaurant, Lal Qila Menu, Lal Qila Order Online, Lal Qila Address, Lal Qila Reviews, Lal Qila Contact Number

LalQila, well-known for its conventional Mughlai and ornate interiors has set up its branch in UAE as well for those who are away from Pakistan and missing the amazing homemade food, it never disappoints to amaze its customers with its lavish buffest that have something special for all. The prices might be higher but based on the food quality and taste it offers, it’s totally worth it. For dessert aficionados, there is also a dessert bar loaded with yummy GULAB JAMUN, JALEBIS, and Kheer in the restaurants. You can enjoy Mughlai Chicken Curry, Roasted Lamb Leg and Sheer KURMA at Laal Qila.

Truck Adda

Truck Adda, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT) Truck Adda Dubai; Truck Adda, Al Hudaiba and Around; Order online from Truck Adda in Dubai; Get Menu, Reviews, Order Online, Home Delivery, Delivery

Truck Adda is an amazing place to have a fine time with family and friends. The restaurant is so vibrant and lively that you would want to visit it again and again just because you are never really done with the amazing vibes it offers. Their Chai and Coffee menu is a delight to several and special Kheer served in MATKA is a tender relief to the sweet tooth. You can enjoy mutton Kebab and MALAI BOTI at the restaurant.

Daily Restaurant

Daily Restaurant is one of the top Restaurant located at Deira, Barsha, Karama, Dubai - UAE. Daily Restaurant serves Pakistani, Indian cuisine. Daily Restaurant

As its name goes, the Daily restaurant has some fine traditional food options that take you Pakistan. Being situated around the workplace, the place receives most of the clients during lunchtime, and they’re well-treated. It is weekends are normally complete of people looking for a pocket-friendly Pakistani Meal in Dubai. People love its Signature Special PAYA Curry, Signature which is lip-smacking.

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