Top 5 Best Fast Food Restaurants in Islamabad

If you’re a foodie who loves fast food, then head to the capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. This gorgeous city is loading with natural beauty. The cool breeze, lush green nature, and very peaceful environment make Islamabad one of its types. Apart from all, when it comes to food, Islamabad city is going strong for sure.
Here I discuss 5 best fast-food restaurants in Islamabad that gather foodie all the time.


Hardee’s is one of the best fast-food restaurant in Islamabad

Hardee’s is one of the best fast-food restaurant in Islamabad, situated in Rana Market, F-7 Islamabad. This restaurant serving big burger, fried chicken, shakes, thick burger combo, charbroiled burgers, and many others. Hardee’s offers yummy fast food items at an extremely economical price.


mcdonalds islamabad chicken wings, drinks, big Mac burgers, cheeseburger

McDonald’s is not a new name for anyone who’s a fast-food lover. An American based company, which was founded as a restaurant. It has many franchises all over Pakistan and the reason behind its success is how it maintains services, quality food and a wonderful ambiance. It offers chicken wings, drinks, big Mac burgers, cheeseburger etc.

KFC – Kentucky Fried Chicken

best quality chicken items KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC is one more famous name in Pakistan. KFC forever tries to bring fresh and delicious foods, it has a different restaurant in Islamabad, which provides the best quality chicken items. It offers several deals, chicken meals and family deals. It offers a number of zinger combo and hot wings, twister rolls etc.


Order Food Online from Howdy Restaurant in Islamabad HOWDY Islamabad: best burgers and steaks

If you love burgers, this is your go-to place. Howdy is famous for its yummy chicken and beef burgers. If you love beef burgers that you’ve to try their Son of a bun burger. It is a double beef steak loaded with sauces and cheese and turkey strips.

OPTP – One Potato Two Potato

optp - one potato two potato islamabad

Another wonderful option for q quick bite is OPTP. They’re immensely famous among the masses because of their fries with a range of toppings. Apart from their huge range of fries, they’re also offering yummy salads, sandwiches and burgers. You can find local options such as anda burger etc.

Top 10 Best Restaurants you must visit in Islamabad

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