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Rooh Afza Brand Launches Its own ‘Carbonated Drink’ Called ‘Rooh Afza Go’

Rooh Afza is with no doubt the foremost well-liked beverage in Pakistan. This rose flavor sweetening drink is popular not only in Pakistan, but other South Asians conjointly enjoyed this drink.

“Rooh Afza Go”

As the holy month of Ramadan is simply around corner, the very well-known Rooh Afza brand has launched its very own new product “Rooh Afza Go”. It is a carbonated drink which will be available in markets during Ramadan.
In case you’re curious, what “Rooh Afza Go” carbonated drink is, it is similar as any other canned carbonated drink like Pepsi Cola, 7up, and Marinda. It would be available in Can.

PIA has partnered with “Rooh Afza Go”

The Rooh Afza brand has partnered with the premier airline of Pakistan, Pakistan International Airline (PIA), and “Rooh Afza Go” the carbonated drink is going to be served in each PIA’s flight along side different beverages.

It is very exciting to visualize the carbonated version of this rose flavor sweetening drink , and that we are very excited to try it. It is a positively and remarkable move by the company. Let’s see how well Rooh Afza’s fans can go with it!

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